♡♡"“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” *trigger warning* This IS a depression/black and white blog, I do not promote any self harm etc. I just express myself on this.

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Anonymous asked
(Part 1/2) Just saw your "personal truth" post while scrolling through random Tumblr tags and it made me kinda sad, because to someone you matter. You are good enough, because everyone has at least one field (s)he is good at and you are too. And if someone says that you are an embarrassment or a disappointment - you certainly are not. Move on and get over people who make you feel like trash, because those are the people who make you sick over the long course. …

I’m surprised someone actually sent me this, but I’m glad you did, I know what I said was depressing but sometimes that’s just how I feel, I can’t help it. I often do have a good time and enjoy myself but there’s days when the memories come back and then I feel awful. And I can’t take away that person who sometimes makes me feel this way because at the same time I love them, and they are important to me. I do have that one special guy who I can talk to about anything but I hate to worry him. Thank you for sending me this I appreciate it a lot! (And part 2) Xx