♡♡"“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” When your feeling sad or need someone to talk to just message me whenever you want to :* *trigger warning* This IS a depression/black and white blog, I do not promote any self harm etc. I just express myself on this.

Ask me Anything I'm here for all of you so don't be shy ♡♡ xo

arhopala Hey, I just wanted to share advice that you're free to ignore... I think you would feel so much better if you let your skin breath and drank more water. My guy friends agree that there's no need for make up but it's okay in little amounts. <3 :)

Well everyone’s opinion is different, I wear makeup because I’m self conscious and because I like it. I take my makeup off at night so it can breathe, and I do drink water a lot. So Id like to think my skins fine thanks

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